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How your heart and mind works in alignment - Episode 48 / Motivational Strategies

December 31, 2018

In this week Episode  48 show topic: “How your heart and mind works in alignment” host by Nichel Anderson hones on i this podcast episode 47, you will learn why understanding how our heart and mind works in alignment allows us to be in needed position to make proactive choices. Our heart is the last one to leave anything we are spiritually connected with, while, our mind aims for the resolution. Get the top 5 ways to move forward when you get stuck and reclaim your mental pace and joy in life. There is hope. This week episode will conclude the month of December 2018 “Tell It In 5” of reasons and solutions to be proactive in areas in your life that brings forth good prospects and meaningful experiences when you start working towards truth.


  • Show starts [00:10]
  • Show Topic Dialogue [02:03]
  • Strategies To Succeed [4:44]
  • Stay Connected with Nichel Anderson [08:12]


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