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November 4, 2017

Schedule of Podcasts

  1. Monday - new podcasts will be uploaded

  1. SPECIAL Podcast Events - Tuesdays and Wednesdays, (sometimes will be announced in advance) :  The special podcasts are Live Events with Nichel Anderson and sometimes with a Guest Interview that will be live on Skype -  Nichel skype ID:   nichel.anderson  - Listeners can talk and chat with Nichel

  1. Guest Interviews: Saturday events (pre-announced) for guest speakers for live events with the recorded podcasts published under the normal publishing dates as mention.

Show Times

  • Weekly new Podcasts will be uploaded and available by 10am EST USA time-frame on the main publishing days: Monday no later than Thursday each week.
  • Live Events on Skype is 10am EST USA to 10:30am EST - sometimes up to 1 hour.

Categories of Podcasts

  • Surviving Corporate Business World -  themed from Nichel Anderson book: Corporate America: Surviving Your Journey Towards Success, featured as the Career Bible for Corporate Climbers in Essence Magazine - providing proactive and strategic approaches to survive in a stressful, competitive, and challenging work environment as well as to sustain a healthy workplace towards success.

  • Blueprint for Your Success - career development and planning for effective choices that assists in developing a solid plan of action for proficient results.

  • Social and Cultural Discussions - interesting discussions on social activities that highlights products or services as well as cultural events as in stage plays, film, webisodes, writing, books, and creative expressions in means that entertain as well as inspire.

  • Moving Forward for Mental Peace -  strategies to identifying and utilizing effective ways to moving forward from emotional pain for your mental peace that leads to joy in life.  .

Show Notes

Each Podcast Show Notes

  • For every podcast, the show notes will be published with that episode to quickly locate any references of links and other information as well as a description for that podcast. Access here for show notes both new forthcoming or previously episodes for current year season

Guest Interviews

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