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Bonus Premium - Episode 6 “No Way Out But All In”

January 23, 2018

Welcome, thank you for joining me for Episode 6 titled “No Way Out But All In” in my Premium Content Podcast: “Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond” for 2017-2018 the story continues where Comrade Jetur arrived in Ghaneto with the message by Queen Hagar sent a large military force to support the mission against their enemy. Meanwhile, Nontu visited a tribal leader secretly helping their cause for their pursuits againsts Mitsrayim. In this episode we learn more about Comrade Jetur extreme support from the royal family; King Mahlon and Queen Hagar along with perhaps why Nontu prior failure in Mitsrayim mattered to the High Council of Orions Members for a success visiting an ally to change course. 

The storyline continues to introduce new characters from Sanel to the newest tribal leader being revealed that plays a vital role in securing Nontu within the Orions council to supportive means.