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Bonus Premium - Episode 7 “In A New Day Dreams Come True”

January 23, 2018

In this Episode 7 for Season 1 2017-2018, the "Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond Podcast Show" short story focused on the members of the Royal Family. Princess Hannah finally gets to see her father after a long and difficult time away due to King Mahlon’s injuries. Queen Hagar is present and enjoys a moment with her husband and daughter while Ezri with several Royal Attendants are nearby at ready to assure the King Mahlon needs. His location and status of well ness still seems secret and secluded somewhere near or in the Palace. There is a visitor that is apart of the Mitsrayim Royal High Council Members that enters on a very concerning matter. The Mitsrayim Rulers decides on their next move forward in dealing with a pressing matter from a long time ago.


Enjoy this scene to further connect with the royal family of Mitsrayim as we learn more to what happen before that didn't stop the pursuit by King Mahlon to keep going for his family. We get to experience the loving connection King Mahlon has for his daugther, Princess Hannah and Queen Hagar as a tight-knit family dedicated to move forward even during uncertainity to those constantly posing a threat to their moments in Mitsrayim and Beyond.