Surviving Your Journey Towards Success Podcast

Get it! Get it! Get it done! Motivational Rays of Sunshine - Episode 2

November 14, 2017

Nichel Anderson starting the prelaunch show "Surviving Your Journey Towards Success Podcast" before regular season 2017-2018 starts on Mondays to get you motivated, informed, inspired, and entertained that brings joy as well as mental peace, in which, the Episode 2 "Get it! Get it! Get it done! highlights the pitfalls we encounter with strategies to well ... get it done anyway. In this episode 2 of Season One, you will gather more insight to those challenges that before might seem cloudy into a more brighter day that uplifts your soul and mind to identify and apply the right set of action for your desired results. Nichel second segment of this episode 2 focused on the importance to encouragement for listeners to follow-through their mission in life, measure their success, and patterns of doing that brings it to a full circle - to get it done. Most of the times we feel cloudy to the do-list of things in life and need a clearer roadmap, in this episode strategies and tactics provide you a proficient compass while on your journey of living. It's a good thing!


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