Surviving Your Journey Towards Success Podcast

How to be a Prestige Leader - Season 5 Episode 112

April 18, 2022

In this podcast, Episode 112 "How to be a Prestige Leader" Season 5 revisiting this topic and term created by host, Nichel Anderson that will be the discussion today on the important ways to be an influential leader within your organization that lasts and fulfilling to everyone. Many times individuals in management get lost in the titles of authority, instead of understanding the overall objective to lead others is to be willing to have humbleness as well as implement effective decision making. It is a hard thing to do, however, in today's podcast Nichel Anderson shares with you how get some proactive and successful strategies to supercharge your position of a Prestige Leader that is Stellar in leading and gaining highly favorable followers that will be more motivated to work for you - say good bye to high turnovers and yes to your success. 

Find out the key ways to get motivated and moving forward to the new you!  *If you haven’t subscribe to the podcast please do and signup to the Ms. Nichel Anderson’s eNewsletter.


Season 5 Podcast Show - 2021-2022


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