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“Why laughter is your best defense” Episode 52 / Motivational Strategies

January 28, 2019

In this week Episode 52 show topic: “Why laughter is your best defense  by host Nichel Anderson that identify how laughter allows us to reduce significant stress that can plaque our body in a negative way. Instead, the focus is to accept that sometimes we can control the things that happen in our lives but we can choose to not focus on that and instead forward that leads us to our mental peace and joyfulness. Lean the quick ways to bring joy in your laugh during the struggle, the confusion, uncertainty to get back your peace of mind.



  • Show starts [00:04]
  • Show Topic Dialogue [01:03]
  • Strategies To Succeed [6:27]
  • Your Task To Dusk To Dawn [8:40]
  • Motivational Takeaway [10:32]
  • Stay Connected with Nichel Anderson [11:48]


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