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Premiere “Atlantis - In the beginning Era of Or Igma” - Bonus Part 1 - Short Story Podcast Show

February 4, 2019

Releasing the premiere episode from Ms.Anderson other podcast show - enjoy! - Premiere episode of a new short story "Atlantis" for Bonus Part 1, in which, host, Nichel Anderson presents introduces the royal family of Acobi and the beginning legend of the twins - Arinte and Makato. During the era of time from this infamous place on Ms. Anderson podcast show "Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond" Season 2 2018-2019.

Check out the video premiere of Bonus Part 1 of "Atlantis" :

For most of the stories are from theatrical productions that I wrote, produced and directed, such as, my heart of hearts MOLIAE “Moments of Love in Ancient Egypt” based on my book titled: “Mitsrayim” that the MOLIAE production that is currently besides being primarily featured on this podcast show of series of short stories episodes is currently in the prep phase for the “Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay” where dates have not been announced yet but will in the forthcoming time.

*MOLIAE short stories will not return until March 2019* So GET IN THE KNOW of MOLIAE while it takes a break for the feature on two new stories being released in January and February - Check show notes on official website - for more info "

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In this month of February New Short Story Series starts today forward, which is entitled “Atlantis” – Where I have two guest speakers that will be reading for some of the pertinent characters within “Atlantis” on this journey during the month of February that be the main focus on my podcast, so welcome MR. Reese Haines and Brett Lewis.


Brett Lewis = &

Reese Haines = & @reeseacts (on Instagram )

ATLANTIS is based on my take of this infamous point of time of mysteries, assumptions, some theories and strong beliefs that not only this society existed but the area thought to where they lived and thrived created more beliefs into this notion of Atlantis due to confirmed happenings by others traveling through that point of reference.

For this month, the focus is on a new royal family and other characters during the 2nd astronomical equinoctial time in this new short story, that will the full release of the story for the month of February this year. In the sars before, when the twelfth planet called in the Sumerian texts of epic of creation the “Planet of the crossing” gravitational pull changed the course of order from the initial formation of planets creating many battles and wars of unrest to wanting even to seek peace under the new solar alignment of rulership - in their new found obits of destinies around Aspu.

Highlight for this part one, is the introduction into “Atlantis” during the timeframe of the royal family and those that work in alignment to those against the galactical agenda forward for their existence since the galactic celestial battle. Future release, Atlantis will return mostly as clip snippets as the other stories broadcast on Ms. Anderson's podcast show, such as, MOLIAE, Mahogany, and so forth, the full future clip snippet is accessible under the Patron membership for this is a premium podcast show. To learn more about podcast patron member options you can check out the “how to become patron” on Patreon for Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond Podcast by clicking the link to the Patron Program in the below description box area of this episode and other episodes as well.


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