Surviving Your Journey Towards Success Podcast

Prestige Leadership Episode 4 Season 1

November 27, 2017

In Episode 4 Season 1, Nichel Anderson discusses what is Prestige Leadership and to find the root causes to problems that reforces what true productive leadership entails. The podcast highlight some key scenarios that can occur at work and in our personal lives leaving us drained, confused, and not able to apply good strategy in decisions that reaches our desired results for long-term success. Prestige Leadership also has the opposite component that entails Bad Leadership that most people endure sometime during their lives and Nichel provides proactive tactics and strategy that supports mental peace and your joy while on the journey. We must learn to identify and apply focus on Bad leadership with good solutions to solve problems. And know the difference from which is bad leaderhsip to what is truly desired which is Prestige Leadership. 


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