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Summer Break 2020 BONUS 1 - Recap on Season 3 2019-2020

June 22, 2020

Podcast Show is on Summer Break of 2020 with today's Bonus 1 of June recap of last Season 3 2019-2020 review and looking forward to Season 4 starting in September. Stay connected. Share this podcast with someone else today as well as my previous episodes released. Like this podcast on Podbean as well as Social Media of Nichel Anderson on Twitter and Nichel Anderson Fan Page on Facebook.


Check out my other podcast episodes, some popular ones being highlighted this summer are listed below - that relates to the open discussion earlier this month. Share this podcast show with someone else you feel could benefit from this and like it right here on podbean for all of this helps the show to grow that aims to heal on our journey of living:


Episode 8 Part 1: "Why Old Emotional Pain Comes Up Requiring Acceptance

Published on 12-25-2017 (Episode 8)

Listen and Share : Why Old Emotional Pain Comes Up Requiring Acceptance

** Please check out Episode 9, published on 1-1-2018



Part 1 - The Road to Forgiveness / Motivational Strategies / Episode 26

Published on 5-7-2018

Listen and Share: The Road to Forgiveness - Parts of Series

*Please listen to the remaining part series there after of this topic “The Road to Forgiveness”


"Why Redemption and Forgiveness works in alignment” Episode 61 / Motivational 

Published on 4-1-2019

Listen & Share : Why Redemption and Forgiveness works in alignment

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