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To be or not to be a Prestige Leader / Management Strategies /Episode 32

September 10, 2018

In this Episode 32 show topic: “To be or not to be a Prestige Leader” Nichel Anderson highlights why some leaders just do not want to evolve towards a real Leader of Purpose. That their authority is more self-serving than giving within the circle of life that refrain from nourishes others under their control. In this episode, Nichel highlights the behaviors and provides ways to overcome the tremendous stress associated with leaders in this framework. Nichel offers strategies for leaders to consider and implement that serves the all, rather than the few to create a joyful work environment.

Learn how to prevail over the temptation to lead with no influence of positive change but only to self-serve the negativelly impacts others within the workplace. Identify the signs of behaviors from an employee perspective that alerts you to what type of leader is leading you to nowhere but disharmony of not having mental peace. Get some understanding and strategies to move forward as a team to your joy!


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