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“Why lies and deceit is not the path to take” Episode 57 / Motivational Strategies

March 4, 2019

In this week Episode 57 show topic: Why lies and deceit is not the path to take” by host, Nichel Anderson discusses the allure to choose a path journey that always ends in losing out in life. The alternative path of truth provides a more long-term results to reaching your joyfulness and mental peace, although, the amount of courage as well as consistency is key. Learn the ways to overcome challenges that aims to deter your choices from obtaining your success. In lies there are always pitfalls not readily revealed in the start of choosing to go in the wrong direction, instead of going in the right direction with longitude to reach the goal but worth it nonetheless.



  • Show starts [00:02]
  • Show Topic Dialogue [01:01]
  • Strategies To Succeed [10:25]
  • Your Task To Dusk To Dawn [15:01]
  • Motivational Takeaway [17:52]
  • Stay Connected with Nichel Anderson [18:32]


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