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“Why Redemption and Forgiveness works in alignment” Episode 61 / Motivational Strategies

April 1, 2019

In this week Episode 61 show topic: “Why Redemption and Forgiveness works in alignment”  with the host of Nichel Anderson shares some of the top three motivational “awareness model” to understand and be proactive when dealing with issues that impact our emotional state while on our journey towards success. Learn what attributes and characteristics entails in manners required to receive forgiveness that is only by conducting effort by redemption. In this podcast, it is provides the theme for April – a healing inspiration – in dealing with forgiveness from Ms. Anderson perspective to bring a new awareness and balance for mental peace with a clearer road to get to the root of it all along with dealing with complicated issues.


  • Show starts [00:05]
  • Show Topic Dialogue [00:12]
  • Strategies To Succeed [10:40]
  • Your Task To Dusk To Dawn [11:40]
  • Motivational Takeaway [12:39]
  • Stay Connected with Nichel Anderson [13:31]


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