Surviving Your Journey Towards Success Podcast

Bonus - “Hope is within Humanity” - Season 2

March 15, 2019

Podcast Episode Bonus "Hope is within Humanity", with host Nichel Anderson discusses during chaotic word events a sense of perspective and sense of hope assists us while on our journey. In this promptu episode, Nichel hones on dealing with emotional turmoil, confusion, and emotional pain in relation to chaotic events in the news or otherwise in questioning the level of humanity. This bonus episode reflects a quick discussion to look forward and measure humanity of those that care, love one another, accept each other in our differences either externally and internally for a greater world experience with others - that is humanity in seeking peace for oneself and others. For whenever, there is a crisis the "Circle of Life" send the "helpers" to be there for us at the right moment that comforts our broken heart on our journey path to mend it with hope forward. Sending prayers and inspiration of positivity to all. In light, we will grow in solidarity forward for mental peace.

 Mr. Rogers Quote of Wisdom



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